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Academic Career Pathways (Research and Teaching)

The Head of Institution is required to provide a Statement explaining whether or not they support an individual’s application and the reasons for their decision. This Statement should represent the view of the Institution and should comment on the strength of the case for promotion or progression in terms of the respective Assessment Criteria, including evidence of excellence with respect to these criteria.  The Statement should also comment on the applicant’s overall role and contribution to the academic enterprise and their standing in relation to other academic staff in the Institution. 

In all cases, the Institutional Statement must include details of the funding, including the source from which the case for promotion/progression is to be met.  Queries concerning funding should be raised with the relevant School Finance Manager in the first instance.

It may be necessary for the Head of Institution preparing the Statement to consult with the Head(s) of other Institutions where an applicant has stated that their case for promotion is interdisciplinary/cross-departmental, they hold a ‘joint’ office, or their duties involve a regular and substantial contribution to the teaching programme of other Institutions.

Where an applicant has provided details of Contextual Factors or COVID-related impacts, these should be taken into account in the Institutional Statement and when evaluating their contribution, detailing the impact this has had on their ability to carry out their duties.

If the duties of the applicant’s role do not include teaching, or they have been formally dispensed from discharging teaching duties on a temporary basis, this should have been made clear in their application, giving the reasons and dates. The Head of Institution should confirm that an applicant is not carrying out teaching, has a formal dispensation or their role does not include teaching. 

The Head of Institution may delegate the preparation of the Institutional Statement to another senior academic officer, who should firstly be consulted to ensure they are able to prepare the statement. Where this is done, the Head of Institution should confirm that the Statement represents the internal view of the Institution of the case for promotion. The Institutional Statement must be submitted via the online portal by the requested date and in time for the FC meeting. 

In exceptional circumstances, the Head of Institution may propose a departure from the standard scoring model for promotion to Professor (Grades 11 and 12) or Clinical Professor.  If appropriate, this should be detailed in the Institutional Statement.  More information on this can be found in the Scoring section.

Statements should be no more than two sides of A4.  Statements that do not provide sufficient detail or do not conform to this guidance will be returned by the Chair of the FC with a request that the Statement is amplified and returned by the date on which the agenda and documentation are circulated to members of the FC. 

The Institutional Statement forms part of an individual’s application documentation and progresses through each of the Committee stages.  As part of the feedback process, the Statement will be disclosed to the applicant on request.