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Academic Career Pathways (Research and Teaching)

Dates for the ACP 2023 Scheme will be issued in September 2022, when the exercise is launched.


Process Stage Indicative Dates

Before Application

  • The ACP CV scheme is available and participation by potential applicants is encouraged.
  • Staff Review and Development (SRD) process is followed in institutions. 
  • Applicants seek advice on promotion from Head of Institution (or other senior academic).
  • The Head of Department actively reviews list of eligible staff (provided by HR).
  • Committee memberships are agreed and meeting dates confirmed.
  • School/Institution-specific Indicators of Excellence are reviewed and updated as appropriate
Ongoing once ACP exercise is launched

Applications and Deadline for Submission

  • Applicants use the online application portal to apply for promotion (ACP- Prom) or progression (ACP-Prog) in line with the specified Assessment Criteria.
  • Applicants agree referees with Head of Institution and include names on their application.  
September - early November

Faculty Committee

  • The Faculty Committee (FC) Chair/Secretary checks applications are complete, takes up references and statements, reviews application content and takes necessary action in preparation for the FC meeting.
  • At the FC meeting applications are evaluated, scores are awarded and they are ranked in accordance with the Assessment Criteria.  
By early February

Submission of documnetation to School Committee

  • Complete and checked applicant documentation is submitted  to HR Division  through the online system, to be progressed to the School Committee (SC).

School Committee (SC)

  • The SC reviews the ranking and scores of each application, checks the scoring has been consistently applied, decides scores under the Assessment Criteria, then creates a single ranked list of applicants for each academic office.

Vice-Chancellor's Committee (VCC)

  • The VCC moderates between each of the SCs to ensure a consistent approach has been achieved, then makes its recommendation to the General Board (GB) for approval.  

General Board

  • The GB receives the recommendations from the VCC and confirms its support for promotion/progression under the ACP Scheme.
  • A Report is published in the Reporter in June confirming approval of Associate Professorships (Grade 10) and recommending the establishment of Professorships (Grades 11 and 12)    
  • Applicants are advised of the outcome via their respective Head of Institution.
  • Titles of Professors and Readers are published in a Notice in the Reporter in July.
  • Promotion/progression effective from start of next academic year, 1 October.
June and July

Feedback and Appeals

  • Final date for feedback (early in July).
  • Final date for lodging of Appeals (later in July).

Appeals Committee

  • Appeals are heard
  • If the Appeal stage of the exercise is not completed by November, applicants who wish to re-apply can submit applications before the outcome of the appeal is known. 
Between September and December