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Academic Career Pathways (Research and Teaching)


The University of Cambridge is committed to providing a supportive environment to enable individuals to take ownership of their development and build a successful career at Cambridge.  The University’s success depends on the diversity of its staff and students. The University aims to be a leader in fostering equality and inclusion and nurturing a sense of belonging for all within our community.

The purpose of the Academic Career Pathways (Research and Teaching) (ACP R&T) scheme is to recognise and reward outstanding contributions and celebrate academic achievement through promotion and/or pay progression. 

Assessment is based on contributions in: research and research leadership; teaching and/or researcher development; and service to the University and to the academic community more broadly.

All applicants for promotion are expected to contribute to creation of a positive working environment.  Research integrity is also considered paramount in maintaining the University’s international standing and reputation; staff are therefore expected to maintain and uphold these principles at all times. 

All those who are involved in the ACP R&T scheme, either as an applicant, Head of Institution, Committee Member, Chair or Secretary, or in another supporting role, are expected to read and be familiar with this guidance.        

Any general enquiries about the scheme / process should be directed to ACP mailbox:


For details of the Academic Career Pathways (Teaching and Scholarship) scheme, please visit the ACP T&S website.