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Academic Career Pathways (Research and Teaching)

The Academic Career Pathways scheme will be operated with adherance to the following Key Principles:


The University should provide a flexible career pathway for established academic officers that gives due recognition to excellence in research, teaching, contributions to the running of the University and service to the academic community including public engagement.

The University of Cambridge is committed, in its pursuit of academic excellence, to equality of opportunity and to a proactive approach that supports and encourages all under-represented groups, promotes an inclusive culture, and values diversity.

All persons involved in administering academic promotions processes should exercise impartiality and fairness and be seen to do so. Declarations of interest should be made at appropriate stages. Appropriate training should be completed. * Members of committees should ensure that their consideration is collective, fair, impartial and evidence-based.

The University should provide a supportive career development process and academic officers should participate.

All processes should be organised in a timely and transparent way.

Constructive, helpful, developmental feedback should be provided at all appropriate stages including written feedback.

All applications and documentation should be treated as confidential and in accordance with data protection principles.

Appropriate budgetary provision should be made so that deserving candidates receive appropriate recognition and reward.

All processes should be supported by modern and user-friendly business systems to ensure administrative efficiency, fairness, and equality.


*The relevant training with reference to the ACP exercise is: Equality and Diversity Essentials (online training), Understanding Unconscious Bias (online training or available as an instructor led session) and Recruitment Essentials Academic (instructor led session).