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Academic Career Pathways (Research and Teaching)

No member of staff will be treated less favourably than another because they belong to a protected group.  Protected characteristics are: Sex, Gender Reassignment, Marriage or Civil Partnership, Pregnancy or Maternity, Race (including Ethnic or National Origin, Nationality or Colour), Disability, Sexual Orientation, Age, or Religion or Belief. 

The University’s Equal Opportunity policy must be observed at all times. The policy is set out at:

All staff who serve on committees or are otherwise involved in administering the ACP R&T scheme must have read this policy and have completed the online Equality & Diversity (E&D) training module (see Key Principles).

Specific support for women considering promotion includes annual themed programmes from gaining recognition to career development provided by the Women’s Staff Network and Personal and Professional Development (PPD).  Events are organised by ED&I section on race and career progression, and the Race Equality Network exists as a space for support. 

Events are listed in termly PPD calendars and on the ED&I webpages: