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Academic Career Pathways (Research and Teaching)

The GB will receive the recommendations from the VCC no later than the date specified in the Timetable and will meet to assess the recommendations from the VCC and make its decision on the outcome of each application.  The GB will approve applications for Associate Professorships, and the University will approve applications for Professorships (Grades 11 and 12) and Clinical Professorships by Grace, following publication of a Report of the GB (the GB’s Report will usually list, for information, the successful Associate Professorship appointments in that year’s round). 

Following the GB meeting, each applicant, Head of Institutions and Chair of FC will be informed of the outcome of their respective applications simultaneously by email. 

The GB, at its discretion and with the continued input and support of the academic community, may make changes to this guidance as it deems necessary, provided those changes are in line with the Key Principles and made, in the light of experience, for the effective running of future rounds.  Recording of statistical and equality of opportunity data relating to the exercise will be produced by the Human Resources Division.