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Academic Career Pathways (Research and Teaching)

The academic reward structure below sets out the current salary progression for academic staff: 


Office Grade Scale Point
Associate Professor* 9 Points 49 - 57
Associate Professor** 10

Point 59 - 61

(Point 62 and 63)

Professor 11 Point 63
Professor*** 12 (Band 1) Point 68
Clinical Professor - Refer to Clinical pay scales


*    Assistant Professors who become Associate Professors upon successfully passing probation will continue to progress through the Grade 9 salary scale points on the anniversary of appointment. 

**   Successful applicants under Associate Professor (Grade 10) Progression/Promotion Scheme A will move to the first point in Grade 10. Progression Scheme B should be used for Associate Professors G10 to progress to the higher contribution points at point 62 and 63. 

***  The biennial Professorial Pay Review process allows for progression within and between bands 1-4.  Professors eligible for this will be notified directly.

Staff holding NHS consultant contracts and promoted to Associate Professors and Professorships (Grades 11 and 12) will continue to be remunerated at equivalent NHS levels of remuneration.